Why do you need computer forensics services?

Did your company suffer unnecessary loss due to the following problems?
If it did happen, you need professional consulting service and necessary precautions to prevent in advance.
If you encounter some emergencys as follows, you can contact us to protect your rights and interests as soon as possible.

  • Suffer from computer crime lawsuit?
  • If you just count on your IT staff, you may not have sufficient evbidence to win the case because you neglect possible important digital evidence.
  • The defendant may lose the chance of winning the case due to lack of professional competence in checking the effectiveness of evidence provide by the plaintiff.
  • Former employee took important data but you don't have any evidence against them.
  • Loss of patent infringement:
  • Important customer list/financial data/intellectual property digital files likely being copied and leaked out.
  • Competitors develop similar software, and they are suspected to copy or steal from you. However, you don't have any evidence against them.
  • Important data damaged or removed and need quick rescue.
  • Loss of encrypted password and in need of professional assistants to break.
  • E-mail problem:
  • Suspecting the sender of the blackmail or fraud info without supporting evidence.
  • Leaking commercial secret through e-mail.
  • Tracking down who/where/when of the junk mail or virus mail.
  • Improper networking behavior of employees:
  • Send pornography files or browse porn sites by MSN/Web/Email.
  • Sexual harassment to other employees by MSN/Web/Email.
  • Other improper networking behavior.
  • Hacker invades the company:
  • Identify whether being infected by virus and track down the source.
  • Identify hacking trick and prevent it from suffering again.
  • Identify possible loss.
  • Identify areas infected.

  • In 2007/1/29 IT Security magazine says: "According to the computer crime observation report from CERT/CC, ninety percent of corporations encounter computer crime, but eighty percent of them deal with it internally. Some of them did not suffer great loss, and lawsuit as needed. More than fifty percent of them did not have sufficient evidence or clues to take proceedings. Corporations have to face civil or criminal charges due to computer crime incidents. However, corporations may underestimate the importance of digital evidence as well as computer forensics and suffer from great loss."