AccessData eDiscovery

AD eDiscovery 5.0 represents an enormous leap forward for the AccessData product line and offers a host of exciting new functionality and enhancements to current features including:

  • All of the new SUMMATION 5.0 features and enhancements as well as:
  • Additional connectors for collection from LiveLink (OpenText) repositories, Exchange 2013, Exchange Online/Office 365, FileNet repositories and Gmail Corporate/Administrator
  • Evidence Tracker allows users to associate external evidence to a global list and to multiple matters, so data can be loaded once and then tracked and reused across matters
  • Re-useable collection wizard to quickly associate data from a previous collection, based on custodians associated with the matter
  • Matter-level, real-time collection status across multiple jobs
  • New reports generated from any of the Matter, Custodians, Jobs, Evidence, Data Sources and Lit Holds views

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AD eDiscovery is AccessData's holistic e-discovery product that integrates the market leading collection and early case assessment features with the advanced final review functionality of Summation. It covers the entire e-discovery lifecycle from Litigation Hold to Final Review & Production and everything in between in one platform. If you are looking for a comprehensive solution to your e-discovery requirements with no add-ons, modules or hidden costs, AD eDiscovery is the answer!