EnCase eDiscovery: E-Discovery Done Right

The EnCase eDiscovery system provides a comprehensive and scalable set of software capabilities for managing electronic evidence both inside your company and with your external legal team partners. The solution meets all requirements to support the legal department business process enabling the status of projects to be viewed, audited, and communicated to others. By deploying EnCase eDiscovery, a single system for automating and managing these critical business processes, your in-house legal and IT teams will gain better management and oversight of every phase of the e-discovery process and reduce cost and risk at the same time.

Built on a distributed and scalable architecture, the award-winning system identifies, collects and processes only potentially relevant data, preserving documents and associated metadata in the court-vetted EnCase Legal Evidence File format. This robust and auditable process ensures complete chain of custody from the moment the legal hold is issued until documents are produced.

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