Faraday Boxie


  • Wireless device testing
  • Perfect for 802.11a,b,g
  • Bluetooth,RFID,3G testing
  • Wide variety of I/O options
  • Stock models to fit your custom applications

The RF Test Enclosure that started it all! How do you troubleshoot, tune, align and test a device in an RF free environment? Well, up until now you had to invest in a very expensive RF screen room. Our patented STE3000B brought that technology right down to your bench, and the cost all the way down to affordable! The STE3000B is constructed of .090 Aluminum, utilizing precision machined tolerance throughout to maintain an RF-Tight environment. Our special "double lip" technology gives you an RF isolation greater than 90dB down at 1GHz! The heavy duty RF sealed cover hinges open and close with a precision air piston. Once closed, a large RF tight viewing window overlooks the entire working area within the enclosure.

Hands-on troubleshooting, tuning and access to the device under test are accomplished using specially designed, silver impregranted, ultra fine mesh gloves that offer excellent manual dexterity and hands-on access to the equipment under test. The entire interior is lined with RF absorbent foam that provides 24dB attenuation, The work area has built-in illumination via to low votage incandescent lamps powered by the RF Filtered AC Supply. All of the I/O connections and interfaces are provided within a precision machined I/O panel. This panel can be configured with your own custom connector and interface options without affecting the integrity of the enclosure itself. It also allows your enclosure to be "custom configured" from a standerd stock enclosure. For you that means speedy delivery and lower costs! Simply choose your I/O's and options from the list provided below and your enclosure will be configured to your spec! Sounds too good to be true? We thought so too; that's why we have a patent on it!