Flash Doctor


SD Flash Doctor is a professional tool for flash data recovery from damaged flash media (both physical and logical problems). This is an advanced stand-alone flash data recovery kit contains hardware and software: the hardware helps to access the flash chip contains user data despite of damaged controller or any other front ends (PCB, etc.) using non-standard interface and command, and then extract all the data as an image; the software works on this image and helps to rebuild the data which is doomed to be corrupted because of the "Data Mix" technology used by the manufacturers, Flash Data Recovery Doctor uses unique algorithm which removes the data mix with no need to know/use/emulate/analyze the controller. That’s to say, Flash Data Recovery Doctor "removes" the data mix directly. Amazing? Please read on.

Supported Devices

Flash Doctor supports all NAND-based flash storage devices (SD, SM, MMC, XD, USB Pendrive, MemoryStick, CompactFlash etc.), with damaged controller or any other front ends (PCB, etc.) since Flash Data Recovery Doctor needs to work on the flash memory only when users carry out Flash Data Recovery.

Flash Doctor Hardware – Flash Reader

Basically, flash storage devices are made up by two major parts: the front end (mainly the controller chip and the PCB) and the flash memory chip. PCB ensures the proper functioning of the device and it seldom damages itself; Controller chip for the flash device is more like the SA for the hard drive, it is responsible for the "Data Mix" and defect list (where the user data should/shouldn’t be written/read among the pages of the memory chips) and some other functions like BIOS; Memory chips are only used for user data storage, where the files and file system are stored.

Just like SA of the hard drive, the controller chip operates each time the users plug their flash devices, so it is also the reason that causes flash devices problems, cases are controller chip damaged or burnt, content corruption, etc., which make the access to the contents of the flash memory chips impossible by the standard interface realized by the original front end. SD Flash Data Recovery Doctor contains specialized hardware, the Flash Reader, for unsoldering memory chips and reading their raw data using its NAND-friendly adaptor.

Unlike existing similar flash data recovery products, SD Flash Data Recovery Doctor uses separated design for its flash reader: the flash adaptor is separated from the main console, which makes the adaptor add-on and replacement possible. Users do not need to purchase another console when we upgrade the flash chip support; it saves the users a lot.

Flash Doctor Software – File Structure Emulator

What other flash products do for Flash Recovery?

From the above, we have already known that the controller chip is responsible for the order data is spread among the memory chips (known as data mix); therefore those existing similar flash data recovery products are doing in the following way: to set the data to readable format (rebuild) by emulating controller actions. It’s a reasonable way of solution because when the data order was restored, then of course it is possible to proceed flash data recovery since the controller is "virtually repaired".