Analyze DI


The proliferation of smartphones, digital cameras, cheap storage devices and
cloud services has soared the volume into huge quantity involved in digital forensic investigations. Most investigative tools lack the capabilities to intelligently deal with large quantities of image and video files. As a result, investigators are forced to go through the slow and laborious process of manually reviewing millions of seized files, regardless of whether it’s pertinent or not.
Analyze DI helps cut costs through significant reductions in investigators workload and increases in efficiency. However, more importantly, it increases the quality of investigations by freeing up time and putting better tools in the hands of the investigator.
Analyze DI is specifically designed to simplify investigations involving digital media, eliminating duplicated efforts, reducing manual review to increase the impact of the investigations. By

  • Save investigation time and resources
  • Easy to use
  • Get better results
combining a rich toolset of technologies with automated processes to categorize and filter out non-pertinent material Analyze DI is able to reverse the trend of increasing caseload and turnaround times.
This allows investigators to focus efforts on processing more cases, at a faster pace and with a greater outcome.

The result is blazing fast investigations, without compromise.


  • Equipped with Microsoft Photo DNA
  • Process native forensic formats
  • Content based classification for images and videos
  • Innovative video reviewing tools, including
  • Active Thumbnails, video collage and split stream view
  • Supporting more than 400 various image- and video formats


Location Intelligence
Analyze DI scans images for GPS data and pins files of interest to its origin. Use ExifTools to detect GPS data. Let Analyze reverse geo code it to find the address and pin that information to the embedded maps,
to get a true representation of the location of where a file has been produced.
Filter, Group and Sort
The grid view constitutes a perfect “workspace” for browsing files on file/case- metadata. Filter, group, sort or search to narrow down and pinpoint information of interest. More- over use the advanced filter editor to create your own expressions or utilize the predefined quick filters.
Social Media and Web Reference Detection Directly from the Image
Find out if a file origins from a social network (e.g. Facebook, Flickr, ) or if a file has got refer- ence data anywhere on the Internet
Innovative Video Review and Analysis
The tool splits up, speeds and prioritizes video footage. Looking through vast amounts of video has never been faster and more precise.
Classification and Bookmarking
A general way of building solid hash sets is to also store information about files such as classification. The routine of adding this information to files is known as “categorization” and is well integrated into the Analyze DI workflow. Become comfortable with the short keys and quick categor- ization functionality to quickly process massive amounts
of data. Hit “up- date” and the information together with file signature is stored in a hash database to efficiently tell known from unknown files in future cases
Analyze Relations
With visual navigation you instinctively understand how information can be grouped and organized. Analyze Relations actively finds and suggests relations in collected data, based on both textual and visual information. It helps you find the crucial fragments and build patterns.