Using a Forensic Search tool such as Intella® instead of a Forensic Analysis tool will greatly reduce your costs, improve your staff's productivity, and reduce the time it takes to carry out an investigation. If you can use Google, you can use Intella® to investigate and get real results!

Intella® can help improve productivity by the following examples:

  • Less qualified investigators can be processing and searching cases without the high cost of training in the more traditional Forensic Analysis tools
  • A human resources person can review an employee’s data for inappropriate material or actions without paying an external consultant or investigator
  • A lawyer can review large amounts of data as part of a legal matter or eDiscovery proceeding without the expense of costly eDiscovery software
  • An auditor can review compliance with company and regulatory policies
  • A detective can review data seized as part of a crime when the forensic experts are too busy to respond quickly

Forensic Search empowers a larger and broader range of staff to undertake Forensic Search tasks, promoting greater productivity.