XRY Logical is a software based solution for any Windows based PC, complete with the necessary hardware for forensic investigations of mobile devices. XRY is the standard in mobile device forensics and the first choice among law enforcement agencies worldwide.         


XRY Logical provides an intuitive and user friendly interface to analyze a wide range of mobile phones through a secure examination process to recover data in a forensically secure manner. The information gathered from the examined device is instantly available for review in a secure and traceable manner, ensuring its legal standing and credibility in a court of law.

XRY Logical software enables investigators to perform ‘Logical’ data acquisition. This forensic process is used to communicate with, and read the contents of, the device; which typically generates live information. The software’s user interface is simple to navigate, with a user friendly wizard designed to help guide you through the entire process from start to finish so you can immediately start to recover data with confidence.

With XRY, a tamper-proof report is created within minutes which can easily be customized to a user’s needs, including references and a user’s own branding as required. The generated report can be printed in its entirety, or selected data required by the investigators can be prepared. Using XRY’s export function, users are afforded a wide range of functionality to facilitate further distribution and analysis of the data.