Forensic Dossier

Designed exclusively for forensic data capture, the Forensic Dossier is the 6th generation of computer forensic solutions from Logicube. The Dossier provides cutting-edge technology with an easy to use interface. A compact and lightweight design makes the Dossier perfect for field or lab imaging requirements; including data collection for eDiscovery and compliance, digital forensic investigations conducted by federal, state and local law enforcement and corporate security forensic investigations.


The CellXtract® provides fast and thorough forensic data extraction from mobile devices. A standalone device, users are able to view extracted data on-scene with no computer required. Designed for tough field environments, including military operations, the CellXtract is compact and lightweight, battery-powered and field rechargeable. Designed specifically for forensic investigations, the CellXtract provides a logical extraction as well as a physical extraction (for Android phones) giving investigators access to deep layers of evidence data.


The OmniClone® 5Xi is a high-speed, production-grade hard drive duplication systems. This five-target system is specifically engineered for high volume production. The OmniClone® 2 Xi features transfer speeds up to 4GB/min and built-in support for SATA and IDE hard drives. Advanced software options provide a variety of cloning methods and supports all operating systems. Easy to use the OmniClone 5Xi is the perfect solution for large volume duplication and content/application distribution.


The OmniWIPE-2 is the ideal way to quickly wipe drives. Featuring built-in support for both IDE and SATA hard drives this 3 target system can wipe at speeds over 4GB/min. The OmniWIPE-2 supports a one-pass erase, Secure Erase (if the hard drives supports this mode) and can wipe to DoD 5220.22M specification. The OmniWIPE-2 is a compact, easy to use and reliable drive sanitizing solution – perfect for all your drive wiping requirements.