GFI Sandbox gives you the power to analyze virtually any Windows application or file including infected documents like PDF’s, malicious URLs, Flash ads and custom applications.

GFI Sandbox is the industry’s leading dynamic malware analysis tool. Dynamic analysis shows how applications execute on the desktop, what system changes were made, and the network traffic generated. With Digital Behavior Traits you have the ability to automatically identify malicious actions and determine the behavior of a threat. GFI Sandbox analyzes the behavior inside a monitored environment while recording all malicious activity including, but not limited to: system changes, network traffic, file activity, memory dumps and screen shots.

GFI Sandbox gives researchers the ability to compare multiple analyses for differences and similarities. Samples can be sent to multiplesandboxed configurations using different desktop images while centrally managing and automating the process. Side by side comparisons
can be made across different desktop configurations and between different samples.
Unlike other analysis tools on the market today GFI Sandbox provides true automation that gives those on the front lines of cyber-defense and digital forensics the ability to analyze potential threats quickly, efficiently and in bulk while saving organizations valuable time and resources.