RSA NetWitness Spectrum provides security-operation teams an unmatched analytical workbench that automates the identification, analysis, and prioritization of malware-based threats to enterprise networks.

Spectrum automatically analyzes every executable going across the network and can answer questions about the behavior of files within the full context of an organization’s network. This unique approach permits security-operation-center analysts to determine more quickly and with greater accuracy than in the past:

  • Which files are suspect
  • How malicious each suspect file is
  • What it is trying to do
  • Where else it is on the network
  • Which files deserve attention more than others

For every executable on the network, Spectrum:

  • Combines four distinct investigation techniques including sandboxing, community intelligence, file content, and network-behavior analysis
  • Considers all network data and behavior to provide the full context of an attack
  • Gains insight into attacks that preventative tools miss without requiring a signature or a known “bad” action