TD3 Touch Screen Forensic Imager

TD3 - Unique Among Forensic Imaging Tools

There are forensic imaging tools and then there is the Tableau TD3 Forensic Imager. The TD3 is truly one of a kind. At its core TD3 is a high performance, reliable, and easy to use forensic duplicator - with a high resolution, touch screen User Interface (UI). Today, TD3 is capable of forensic data collection from SATA, IDE, USB 3.0/2.0/1.1, SAS, and FireWire (1394A/B) drives. No other forensic duplicator available today matches TD3 for its unique combination of performance, packaging, forensic capabilities, and usage models.

Collect Evidence from a Variety of Storage Drives, 
Including USB 3.0

TD3 supports collecting data in a forensically sound (a.k.a. "write-blocked") manner. SATA, USB 3.0, USB 2.0/1.1, and FireWire devices connect directly to TD3 using the appropriate port. IDE and SAS devices can be imaged thru TDPX5 (IDE) and TDPX6 (SAS) expansion modules. Keyed guides in the TDS1 SATA enclosure allow for easy connecting of TDPX modules with the TD3 expansion port.

Multiple Options for Safekeeping Your Evidence

TD3 offers a variety of evidence storage options. Each TD3 Forensic Imager kit includes one TDS1 SATA drive enclosure. This unique SATA drive enclosure directly connects to TD3, forming a stable and clutter free base. No need for cable connections when using TDS1. The SATA power and signal connections are made directly between the TD3 and TDS1.

If your preference is to collect evidence to other storage devices, TD3 gives you options. TD3 supports imaging to bare hard drives or to other Tableau Modular Storage Products with the appropriate cables (included in the TD3 kit). Additionally, TD3 has a Gigabit Ethernet connection that can be used to image or upload previously imaged evidence directly to iSCSI or CIFS network files shares.

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