X1 Social Discovery

Social Media Discovery & Website Collection

Social media, webmail, website data and YouTube video are very common sources of evidence in criminal and civil litigation and must be routinely addressed in discovery. However, despite the obvious necessity for social media eDiscovery, legal and investigative professionals have lacked a means to cope with social media data in their workflow, in the same manner as email and files, until now. X1 Social Discovery is designed to effectively address social media
content from the leading social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In addition, it can crawl, capture and instantly search content from websites, webmail and YouTube. Unlike archiving and image capture solutions, X1 Social Discovery provides for a matter-centric workflow from search and collection through production in searchable native format, while preserving critical metadata not possible through image capture, printouts, or raw data
archival of RSS feeds.

About X1 Discovery
X1 Discovery offers next generation eDiscovery and enterprise
search solutions specifically designed for IT, electronic discovery
and legal professionals. Built upon the market leading X1 search
solution for business professionals, X1 Discovery delivers
eDiscovery that provides a platform for social media eDiscovery
and effectively supports investigations of cloud-based data.