Features of iDataBck data recovery system

1. It can recover the data deleted on such filesystem like FAT12、FAT16、FAT32、NTFS and NTFS5.
2. You could use iDataBack LiveCD to boot the target machine and recover files when the operating system fails. Also no changes will be made on target machine.
3. Even if the file system being formatted, you can still use it to scan the whole disk to find files not being overwritten. Restore those data and classify them by file format.
4. It supports keyword search function to search for certain keyword in files recovered.

Detailed features:
1. Support Chinese UI for users to operate all functions conveniently
2. Support recovering data deleted on operating system.(Windows9x/Windows ME/Windows XP/Windows 2000/Windows 2003/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8)
3. Support recovering data deleted on such media like SD card , USB thumb drive, Compact Flash、Mini SD with filesystem.(FAT12、FAT16、FAT32、NTFS、NTFS5)
4. Support recovering data from Recycle Bin.
5. Support recovering data being deleted directly without staying in the Recycle Bin. Also supporting recovering data when emptying the Recycle Bin or data corrupted due to virus or power failure.
6. Support recovering data on partitions being formatted.
7. Support recovering data in unallocated area.
8. Support showing the list of files can not being recovered due to being overwritten by other file.
9. Support data recovering in read-only mode without installing any software by using internal bootable operating system.
10. Remain the original path of files being recovered.
11. Support showing the recovering progress chart and number of files being recovered during recovering.
12. Support filename or content keyword search for data recovered:
(1) Support locales as follows:
  • Uni-code
  • Big5 (Traditional)
  • GB2312 (Simplified)
  • (2) Support file format as follows:
  • Support office file content search including the latest version Office 2012
  • Support PDF file content search
  • Support HTML and text file content search
  • Support compressed file content search including zip,rar,gz,bzip,tgz format
  • Support Rich Text Format(rtf) file content search
  • 13. Support viewing HEX code for data recovered
    14. Support view pictures recovered by thumbnail display, so you can browse them to see if important evidence inside
    15. Support viewing office file(doc、docx、ppt、pptx、xls、xlsx) without installing office package software
    16. Support disc burning function and you could choose which file being burned into disc by checking the checkbox of files
    17. Support partition or disk backup function to those disk partially damaged
    18. Support restoring backup data to a disk larger than target disk
    19. Support disk wiping function and you can wipe the original disk if data has being recovered so that there won’t be any data exist in it
    20. Support remote operation through web UI