E-mail forensics services

No one can deny that e-mail has become one of the important ways for communication. Due to the convenience of e-mail system, many companies send purchase orders, contracts, authorization letters, or bills by e-mail. We had the experience of developing large scale e-mail auditing system, so we are familiar with all kinds of e-mail system architecture.
Due to the defect and inadequacy of the e-mail protocols, many people use fake e-mail header to send blackmails or inaccurate news. You can figure out the source of the sender through our e-mail forensics services. If the computer belongs to certain company, we can use professional tools to parse and collect the original digital evidence. Regardless of the web mails that are used (for example: Hotmail/Gmail/Yahoo mail, etc), we still have chances to find the key evidence and provide the management staff for further decision making.