Quick forensics analysis

Upon encountering emergency, some companies may not know the possible data and suspects that are involved. They may not know whether any digital evidence could be found; therefore, they hope to get an initial result of the investigation for further decision making. That is why we provide affordable quick forensics analysis service for them. Our customers could evaluate further forensics investigatibase upon this result.

Quick forensics analysis process:

  • Receive original target evidence's hard disk.
  • Start to establish a rigorous Chain of Custody procedure.
  • Use international certified tools to make duplication of original target digital evidence and preserve the target digital evidence properly for viewing in court.
  • Use international certified tools to make an initial analysis from the duplication.
  • Arrange certified staff to interview customers to understand and discuss about the keywords to search and provide consulting service.
  • We will do the search on hard disks or USB storage media according to the ten keywords selected. It includes deleted files, all kinds of document files, unallocated disk, emails, browsers' history, and binary executable files regardless of different encoding. Retrieve the digital evidence file according to the result of search.
  • Genearate a detailed forensics report and explain the digital evidence data we found.
  • Preserve the original digital evidence properly. Provide forensics report and retired digital evidence data to the customers.
  • Explain the result of quick forensics to our customers via the phone.
  • Customers can evaluate the necessity for further forensics investigation upon this results.
  • Range of application:
  • Capacity of hard drive or USB storage should be less than 120GB. Exceeding capacity will be charged additional.
  • Removal and shipping of the hard drive is not included in this standard service.

  • Do you need consulting services related to digital forensics? Please submit the application form, and we will contact you soon. Anything you provide will be confidential.