EnCase eDiscovery

正當執行您的 E-Discovery 進程,伴隨EnCase eDiscovery支援,將降低並減少您的成本與可能的風險

Gain Actionable Intelligence Early in the E-Discovery Process

From the moment you begin identifying potential evidence, you can begin analyzing its merits to establish a working strategy that you can refine over time. Be alerted to key facts earlier in your e-discovery process and get early insight into potential evidence as it’s found. With EnCase eDiscovery, you can:

  • Know what’s in the data and act on it with multiple conceptual views
    • Find out who knew what—and when
    • Easily identify and filter on key values with faceted navigation

Anytime Analytics and Early Case Assessment (ECA)

  • Unique ability to do pre- and post-case assessment and first-pass review at any point in the e-discovery process
  • Easy culling and tagging of document groups prior to review
  • Powerful data analytics and a simple interface
  • Documents are accessible directly from the application


EnCase eDiscovery 為 Guidance 公司領先指標產業產品項目之一,為一組電子證據發現(e-discovery)解決方案。

EnCase ediscovery 儲存文件的能力,作為訴訟、調解、內部或統整的調查。相當大程度上減少伴隨的風險以及相關電子採集舉證流程之花費與開銷。

Guidance 公司產品運作基於合法掌握以至識別、蒐集、保護、執行、首次考察、一流的早期案例評估(ECA)、檢討以及鑑識報告製程的能力。




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