SCSI & SAS Adapter


當SAS Adapter同時搭配 Forensic Dossier 或 Forensic Quest-2,將能夠擷取 SAS 來源驅動程式如:SATA或IDE目標驅動程式,並支援任何一類的擷取模式( native, DD, E01)

SAS Adapter 亦能夠與 SuperSonix搭配,複製存取 SAS 來源硬碟之SATA, IDE, SAS 目標驅動程式(using Mirror Mode only)

  This slick device provides the versatility and additional interface support needed for both Forensic and IT duplication tasks.


當SCSI Adapter 相互搭配 Forensic Dossier 或 Forensic Quest-2,將能夠擷取 SCSI 來源驅動成式,如:SATA或IDE目標驅動程式,並支援任何一類的擷取模式( native, DD, E01)
當需要鑑識複製相關程序,SCSI Adapter支援多變且具備外加介面以利執行

Forensic Dossier®

The Forensic Dossier® represents the sixth generation of computer forensic solutions from Logicube and is designed to meet the complex challenges of digital forensic investigations.

Forensic Quest®

The Forensic Quest® features built-in support for SATA/IDE hard drives and can capture while authenticating at speeds approaching 6GB/min.


The SuperSonix hard disk drive duplicator features fast cloning speeds approaching 8GB/min. A full color touch screen provides an easy to use interface, and support for SATA/IDE and USB/Firewire connectivity makes the SuperSonix an extremely versatile duplicator.


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