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We are experts in computer forensic investigation. We offer worldwide professional computer forensics services, training, and tools especially for the Chinese world. Furthermore, we offer necessary forensics technical support and consulting services to help enterprises, governments, non-profit organizations, and individuals who encounter any emergencies such as intellectual property infringement, hacking, data leakage, and digital crimes etc. The goal of our service is to find any evidence through a structured investigation by identifying, collecting, validating, and analyzing the digital evidence. 

  • Quick forensics consulting:
    Due to the unfamiliarity with digital forensics, many companies are not make sure whether forensics services can fit their objectives or not. We suggest you to utilize our quick forensics consulting to learn the scope of the case involved, so you could obtain the early stage consulting results and reveal it to management staff in order to decide whether more thorough investigation is required.
  • Infringement forensics services:
    If you encounter infringement law suit or related accidents, we could cooperate with your law firms to collect and evaluate all digital evidence in order to provide you with forensics report for contingency plan.
  • Data recovery services:
    We offer professional data recovery services on cases like accidental disk format, damaged or deleted data, or the lost of encrypted password.
  • Prevention in advance and education:
    When it comes to contingency plan, many companies neglect the importance of the method to perserve the digital evidence. Some important key data may be damaged due to improper evidence handling while taking actions. Usually management team may lose the opportunity to claim rights becasue they don't understand the importance of digital evidence. We offer consulting services and practical training to provide your auditing staffs with sufficient knowledge about digital evidence. In addition, they will be capable of reviewing and preserving digital evidence in advance to ensure the rights and interests of the company.
  • Products and tools:
    As the technology is envolving, we keep integrating the latest suitable forensics tools for the Chinese world. In addition, we are regional sales representatives for the major forensics software and hardware providers, so we could provide the best services to customers.
  • Do you need consulting services related to digital forensics? Please submit the application form, and we will contact you soon. Anything you provide will be confidential.